Creative Journal Entry 1

My visual representation is a collage of pictures that I have taken around my acreage.  I am lucky enough to live in an area where there is a lot of wildlife and several different environments to explore.  One of the areas around my house is actually a nature conservation area.  I have only explored it a couple times in my life, but I wish to go explore it more.  Relating to the reading “The Sound of Silverbells” by Robin Wall Kimmerer, I often don’t take the time to connect to my environment like the medical students when they went on their camping trip.  Although all of these natural environments are constantly surrounding me, I don’t think I appreciate it as much as I should.  Not everyone has the opportunity to live in such a beautiful area of Saskatchewan like I do and not everyone gets the chance to see the things that I see everyday, so I definitely need to spend more time enjoying and appreciating the environment that surrounds me.  One thing that I do like to do every once in a while is go for a walk down the roads that connect to my house.  I do this by myself and I focus on being diconnected from the online world and even my school work for a short period of time.  I think this allows me to connect to my environment a bit more, but I do think that I could appreicate my environment much more than I currently do.

The article “The Creative Journal: A Power Tool for Learning” by William Hammond helped me decide what I wanted to do for this first creative piece.  Because I have never done an activity similar to this one, I didn’t really know where to start.  Throughout his article, he suggests many things. One thing that he suggests is that “the environmental education journal helps connect the journaler develop a personal connection to the local environment.” This helped me analyze my connection to the environment and how the environment effects my everyday life.  It helped me realize that there are so many beautiful sights of the environment that surround me each and every day.  Hammond also suggests a few different ideas for creative journals including object and picture collages.  I put these two suggestions together to make this super personal idea of the environment and how it has impacted my life, even when I don’t realize it or fully engage with it.


One thought on “Creative Journal Entry 1

  1. Hi Kiera, I really enjoyed your blog post and visual representation. You are so lucky to live in the country in so much biodiversity! I lived on an acreage for a few years of my childhood and I have to say, there’s nothing else like it. I think its great that you utilize the peace and quiet of your environment by going on walks. I also try to distance myself from technology as much as possible to connect with my environment and reflect on my every day experiences. I might suggest that you try focusing on your senses in these moments. Sometimes these senses trigger memories from my past or inspire me to create something new. Keep up the good work!


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