Creative Journal Entry 2

There are many simple ways that people can positively impact the issue of climate change.  All it takes is the realization that everyone can help the environment, no matter how big or small the gesture may be.  I designed my project in a way that would demonstrate a small gesture that would help the environment, but also outline other small things that I can change in my everyday life to help support the environment.  To do this, I have used a clothing hanger that is used to hang clothes to dry. This is a gesture that can positively impact the environment because it helps reduce the use of a dryer therefore reducing energy consumption.  On this hanger, I have cut out pieces of clothing using cardboard that came from groceries around my house.  On the articles of clothing, I have written a way that I can help make a difference in the environment.

All of these things that I have written on my hanger may seem super small and not impactful, but can you imagine if everyone in the world made these changes to their everyday lives? Then you would really see the impacts.  But in my opinion, making a difference in the environment shouldn’t be that hard.  We just require everyone around the world to have the same ambition and dedication to the cause to really make a difference.  Part of the problem is that so many people don’t believe in climate change, or say they don’t believe in climate change for their own personal benefit.  This idea was stated in the documentary film, “Before the Flood” where there were many political leaders who said that humans cannot change the climate, despite all of the science and research done.  Then looking at “The Paris Agreement”, we see this again as it states that the United States no longer wants to be a member of this agreement.  It is clear that the United States government does not see a problem with how much their country contributes to the overarching issue of climate change.

In my opinion, everyone needs to come together to realize what needs to be done, otherwise future generations will not have the same opportunities that we currently have.  They will face more severe weather and they will experience a world on the verge of collapse. These people who claim they don’t believe in climate change are being selfish in the fact that they are not taking responsibility for their own actions towards the environment and not seeing how future generations will suffer if we keep treating our environment like garbage.


One thought on “Creative Journal Entry 2

  1. This post was very much an eye opener for me! I had not really considered the fact that if everyone makes small changes, it will result in a big change. Though these small changes may not be all we need to do in order to “save” the environment, they are a super good place to start! I liked your post because it set out very attainable goals for the population to do which is very important because we cannot force the population to make huge changes right away. I also liked where you stated that it shouldn’t be that hard to make a change, and you are right. If we can all work together to make a change, then we will be moving in the right direction. The way you tied in the effects on future generations was very impactful to the reader as well. Overall, a really great post Kiera.


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