Ecoliteracy Letter

Dear my tree-hugging friends,

We are so grateful to live on this planet that we call Earth. There are so many beautiful sites to see and places to explore. What more could we want? Over the last few decades, people seem to not be pleased enough with all of the amazing things that the Earth has to offer us naturally.  They are beginning to oversee the beauty in nature and beginning to be selfish towards the environment.

But have you ever listened to the songs of the birds? Have you ever went outside just to be outside, with no other reason but to embrace the natural beauty of nature? Have you felt the cool winter air on your cheeks and completely acknowledged the loveliness and freshness that it is providing for you? Or the glazing hot sun on your body that has been craving sunlight for months? Have you found a spot in nature and sat there and focused on all of the feelings that you feel while being outside? Have you truly embraced nature in all that it actually offers you?

We are so lucky that we are a part of nature.  We are so lucky that we get to experience all that it has to offer us, but we often take it for granted.  We, the human race, need to experience these feelings more often to truly appreciate the effects that nature has on us and thousands of other species.  Without having a strong connection to nature, we will continue to destroy it until there is nothing left of it.

We need to rekindle our love and kindness towards nature for us and for future generations.  Our love will be the start of restoration of our wonderful planet.  Our love will be the power that changes the world.  Our love will enable us to act better towards each other and the world around us.  We need to learn to love everything around us.

With love,



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