Creative Journal #5

ESCI 302


This week, my creative journal is about a homemade offering or an act of reciprocity with the land as discussed in Kimmerer’s article.  Each summer, my mom plants a garden in my backyard.  She plants vegetables like tomatoes, lettuce, onions, peppers, and cucumbers.  As the vegetables begin to be ready for use, we pick them.  We only pick the amount we need though.  This is our homemade “offering”.  We leave the rest of the vegetables in the garden for nature to handle.  This might be letting animals eat them, letting them breakdown in the soil, etc.  My jar for my visual is filled with soil from my garden. On top, I have placed 2 onion bulbs that were left there through the winter and remain there today.  This proves our offering to the land.

If the plants stay in the soil and breakdown on their own, the soil will actually become more fertile with this natural material.  This will help the plants we grow the next year.  This idea of only taking what we need is often a part of tradition First Nations culture as it is an act of respect towards the land.  Although we buy the seeds to plant, we let nature do its thing when it comes to the plants that we don’t end up using.  This has always been something that my family has done, and I think that it is a really good thing for animals such as deer, who often take over our gardens and eat the plants.

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